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Superior Quality

Adriana Herrera is a business administrator specializing in senior management. She has over 30 years of experience working as manager of different companies in the public, private, and union sectors of the region, among others. She is the co-founder of Earth’s Healing Colombia, a company in which she serves as CEO.

The Business Year 2022-Interview.

With its superior quality genetics, Earth’s Healing Colombia plays an important role in adding value to medicinal solutions and improving the quality of life of patients.

Earth's Healing Colombia

How do EHCOL’s cannabis strains add value for partners across the sup- ply chain?

EHCOL has been strategically focused from the beginning on get- ting a premium quality for the industry allies by having a prod- uct portfolio with world-class genetics under the guidance of our partners, who have ranked among the pioneers of the cannabis market in US for nine years. Our CBD genetics Colombian Spirit and Colombian Angel, as well as recently registered Colombian Calm and Colombian Emerald, are the result of a demanding se- lection of phenotypes each with their own characteristics. These include a high potency of CBD, low THC level, a unique ter- penes profile, high yield in production of dried flower, and pest and diseases resistance. EHCOL’s goal has been not only a high standard quality but also establishing long-term relationships by understanding what clients really need and providing a true-fac- tor solution. With EHCOL, our partners add value to their supply chains. They increase their productivity and reach maximum effectiveness by using our certified homogeneous genetics with potency up to 28% of CBD and less than 1% of THC. This allows growers to develop crops with high resistance to climatic condi- tions, pests, and diseases, as well as produce high yields at lower processing costs. In addition, with the high power of CBD, we are able to supply plant material with THC below 0.2%, keeping its non-psychoactive trait in each country.

What does Earth’s Healing focus on in its efforts to become the leading local supplier of cannabis inputs?

Our business model is aimed at the B2B market of the global can- nabis industry, offering unique and personalized experiences for new and actual customers. Our competitive advantage is based on being able to offer a bank of seeds and a portfolio of dried flowers with high cannabinoid potency, making deep and lasting relationships. To do this, we make sure to include only world-class genetics, an essential component to achieving high-quality results. With the outstanding results of our current genetics, we are ready to supply homogeneous feminized seeds for growers as well as CBD and CBG flower globally for medicinal and industrial purposes.

What characterizes the company’s approach to agro-science, and what innovative process does EHCOL realize in offering tailor-made service to its partners?

From 75 genetics pre-registered with the Colombian govern- ment, we have six of our own brands of cultivars already duly reg- istered with the national government and available to our allies, four of them are CBD and two of CBG. Currently, we are working on an agronomic evaluation of five new strains with high THC potency. For each of our genetics already registered, and those we are evaluating, we have fully standardized processes and a continuous improvement program that guarantee consistency. The objective is for our allies to find products of superior qual- ity, totally homogenized, and 100% organic flowers in EHCOL’s portfolio and be assured of receiving a product through clear and transparent operations.

What sectors of the industry offer the best potential for collaboration and how do certifications such as GACP and GMP expand the pool of oppor- tunities?

At EHCOL, we hold BPA certification from the ICA and have com- pleted the GACP certification from ICONTEC. This allows us to guarantee the market that it is acquiring products of high quality and consistency. These certifications demonstrate that we work to protect the environment, that we care about the wellbeing of our employees, and that we have safe and high-quality process- es. At EHCOL, we have been working strategically to standard- ize and improve our processes to develop globally competitive products. The greatest importance for EHCOL of having BPA and GACP certification is to be able to guarantee a clean, safe prod- uct that will ultimately be processed for human consumption. Now, a milestone for this year is to complete and achieve Control Union Medical Cannabis Standard certification CUMCS, which will give us a new top level quality position to expand market for more countries whit more exigent quality framework. 



Earth’s Healing Arizona: Leading the Way on Cannabis Cultivation

Earth’s Healing Arizona: Leading the Way on Cannabis Cultivation

We, as Earth’s Healing Colombia, are proud to be part of this amazing company.
Our great location in South America, along with the joint efforts of evolving and optimising our processes will place us on the top of the cannabis production facilities worldwide. Our role model? None other than Earth’s Healing in Arizona.