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Adriana Herrera


thebussinesslyear COLOMBIA 2022/23

EHCOL has pioneered uniquely Colombian strains of medical cannabis on its journey to offer added value across the supply chain.

How do EHCOL’s cannabis strains, Colombian Splrit and Colomblan Angel, add value for partners across the supply chain? How can world-class genetics unlock potential for growers transform the   business?

EHCOL has been strategically focused from the beginning on developing pre­mium quality for industry allies by having a product portfolio with world class genetics under the guidance of our partners, which have ranked among the pioneers of the cannabis market in the US for nine years. Our first CBD genetics, Colombian Spirit and Colombian Angel, as well as recently registered Colombian Calm and Colombian Emerald. are the result of a demanding selection of phenotypes each with their own outstanding characteristics? These include high CBD potency, low THC levels, unique terpenes profile, high yields in the production of dry flower, and pest and diseases resistance. EHCOL’s goal has not only been high standard quality but also creating tide-up relations from firs1 contact stablish long- term relationships

by providing a true-factor solution. Wi1h EHCOL. our partners add value to their supply chain as they increase their productivity and reach maximum effectiveness by using our certified homogeneous genetics with potencies up of 28% of CBD and less than 1% of THC. This allows growers tto develop crops with high resistance to climatic conditions, pests, diseases, high yield in production and lower processing costs by efficiency. In addition, with the high power of our different strains of   CBD,CBG, and THC, we are able to supply smokable dry flower or the highest quality ,which is the most consumed  and  prescribed  part  of the

plant in the medical cannabis markets around the world.

What does EHCOL focus on its efforts to become the leading local supplier of cannabis inputs?

Our business model is aimed at the B2B level of the global cannabis industry, offering added value to the supply chain of this huge market. Our competitive advantage is based on being able to offer a seed bank and a portfolio of dried flowers with high cannabinoid potency, added to the advantages of Colombia’s climatic and geographical conditions and low-cost production. To accomplish this, we make sure to develop only prime genetics, an essential component to achieve high-quality results. With the outstanding results of our current genetics, we are ready to supply homogeneous feminized seeds for growers as well as CBD, CBG, and THC dry flower globally for medicinal and pharmaceutical purposes.

What community welfare and shared prosperity campaigns does Earth’s Healing incorporate across the value chain

Our company is located near Santander

de Quilichao, a community that has historically suffered from the armed conflict. We offer formal employment to its inhabitants, especially the local women, who are mostly heads of households. Likewise, we participate in the area’s economic growth, as several of our suppliers are in the surrounding 1owns. Our goal as a company includes providing support to meet the most pressing needs of the village through the community action board. In the same way, we are

structuring support for small producers in the region by offering technical training, to give them tools that will help them improve their cultivation processes.

How Is the cannabis business projected to?

evolve in the medium and long term, how is EHCOL looking to capitalize on opportunities such as cannabis in food and beverages and adult use?

Thanks to the wide variety of cannabinoids present in cannabis plants and

the research advances to find medicinal properties as a treatment for diseases and for well-being, this industry has immense opportunities, many of them yet to be explored. And although we are open to partnerships with the growing food and beverage industry, our business model is oriented to seeds for cultivation and smokable dry flower for medicinal purposes. With our superior quality genetics. we will play an important role worldwide in the consumption of cannabis for adult use. and for pharmaceutical purposes. We will continue to develop genetics that add value to medicinal solutions and improve the life quality of the patient. Therefore, our purpose since the outset has been to: Harvest harmony, cultivated from the best cannabis.



Earth’s Healing Arizona: Leading the Way on Cannabis Cultivation

Earth’s Healing Arizona: Leading the Way on Cannabis Cultivation

We, as Earth’s Healing Colombia, are proud to be part of this amazing company.
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