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The Future of Colombia’s Cannabis Industry: A Bright Outlook

This blog post features insights from our Chief Operating Officer (COO), Luisa Arango, and Commercial Leader, Nicolás Mendoza Peña, from a recent interview. We delve into what consumers and buyers truly crave from Colombian medical cannabis exports, the company’s approach, and the challenges in reaching strategic markets in this demanding industry.

Colombia’s favorable climate and agricultural expertise provide a competitive advantage. The country offers numerous benefits, including robust regulations for producing and exporting medical cannabis. Additionally, Colombia is one of the few countries in the world without seasons, ensuring 12 hours of natural light every day of the year, coupled with an average field labor cost of USD $3. By maintaining high-quality standards, Colombia can supply premium cannabis at a low cost globally.

Initially, regulation and legislation in Colombia posed significant hurdles for the industry. It took nearly six years from the initial regulation to establish solid and controlled legislation, allowing for responsible cannabis cultivation and exportation. With no internal consumption regulations, our market relies solely on international sales. Thus, we focus on ensuring that our seed bank and portfolio of dried flowers meet the industry’s most rigorous global quality standards.

Cannabis Greenhouse

Earth’s Healing Colombia Greenhouse

Earth’s Healing Colombia: TIME TO GROW, TIME TO HEAL

The founders of Earth’s Healing Colombia drew inspiration from their personal experiences with the benefits of cannabis. Their stories and testimonials acted as a catalyst for the organization’s creation. The primary mission of Earth’s Healing Colombia within the cannabis industry is to improve the quality of life for patients. This core objective is reflected in our focus: to benefit and assist patients not only in Colombia but also globally.

We recognize that, at some point in our lives, each of us may become a cannabis patient. Therefore, we believe that everyone can potentially benefit. Our commitment lies in enhancing the quality of life through the responsible and effective use of medicinal cannabis.

In addition to prioritizing patient well-being, Earth’s Healing Colombia places great value on affordability without compromising quality. We actively seek allies to help us optimize costs at every stage of the process, ensuring competitive pricing within our supply chain. Our goal is to make the benefits of medicinal cannabis easily accessible to all.

Cannabis Flower

Cannabis Flower

Keys to Success in the Cannabis Industry

To ensure the quality and safety of our products, we’ve moved away from the perception that medicinal cannabis is just another agricultural commodity. Instead, we treat it as a pharmaceutical-grade product that demands the highest standards of care and handling.

Our foundation lies in the solid know-how and best practices shared by our partners at Earth’s Healing Arizona (Watch here the Canna Cribs episode about Earth’s Healing Arizona). From there, we adapt, standardize, and optimize our processes based on the unique characteristics of our region and the specific needs of our clients. This tailored approach allows us to thoroughly understand our product and achieve the best possible results.

Throughout the production cycle, we uphold respect for every step. Recognizing that our products are for human consumption (medicinal), we never rely on chemically synthesized substances that could be harmful to patients. Instead, we focus on using biological products and natural extracts for various agronomic treatments. Each plant receives personalized attention, enabling us to anticipate any anomalies in the production process. Our team consistently monitors the plants, emphasizing a preventive approach over corrective measures, ensuring the highest quality medicinal cannabis.

As a company with a medicinal focus, we maintain complete traceability throughout all our lots and production phases. Rigorous quality audits have allowed us to achieve and maintain the most demanding certifications in the industry: IMC-GAP and EU-GACP (Read more about our IMC-GAP and GACP certifications granted by Control Union).

Cannabis Plant

Cannabis Plant

Successful exports: accurate analysis results

At Earth’s Healing Colombia, we firmly believe that Colombia’s cannabis industry has a brilliant future. We envision a thriving and sustainable ecosystem that not only benefits our communities but also drives our national economy, solidifying Colombia’s position as a global reference in this field. To achieve this vision, collaboration with all stakeholders is crucial. We believe that by working together with the government, educational institutions, businesses, and civil society, we can overcome the challenges and unlock the vast potential of Colombia’s medicinal cannabis industry.

We are already seeing positive results! Nicolás shares:

The reception from our clients has been extremely positive. They consistently highlight the exceptional quality of our products and the benefits they bring to patients.

Luisa outlines our long-term vision:

We strive to establish ourselves as the leading supplier of dried flowers and seeds, leveraging our experience and resources to offer the highest quality products. Additionally, we aim to expand our global presence as a leader in providing raw materials for the industry, reaching more patients worldwide.

R&D:  Benefits of cannabis

At Earth’s Healing Colombia, we go beyond cultivation and processing. We actively engage in public education through workshops and seminars. We collaborate with authorities to ensure regulatory compliance and advocate for streamlined export procedures. In the Valle del Cauca region, we’ve become industry leaders, shaping perceptions, and driving positive change.

This is how we actively collaborate with the Cali Zoo, one of the most important in Latin America, where they have been using CBD extracts from our Colombian Spirit to treat different ailments in their animal population. The favorable results they have been achieving in the different therapies are being traced and documented, milestones that are gradually being shared with the international community. (Read more about here in the New York Times article about the Cali Zoo experience with medical cannabis)

We hope that this blog post has provided valuable insights into the Colombian medicinal cannabis industry and Earth’s Healing Colombia’s central purpose and passion. We invite you to learn more about our company, our world class genetics and our commitment to quality, sustainability, and social responsibility. Read more about the original interview for AgroNegocios of Diario La República here.





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