About us

We provide harmony cultivated from the best cannabis. The world and everything that grows in it is a system in perfect harmony and by losing that balance with nature is when that vital connection that keeps us standing is broken.

This is why the purpose of Earth's Healing Colombia is to share with the world the healing power of medical cannabis that is capable of reestablishing the connection between body, mind and nature.


Who We Are?


We are a Colombian American company with more than 4 years of experience in the process of seed propagation, cultivation, production and transformation of medicinal cannabis, which has the BPA and GACP certifications granted by the ICA (Colombian Agricultural Institute) and Icontec (Colombian Institute of Technical Standards and Certification), respectively.

We aim to be part of the world's leading companies in genetics with the highest quality standards.


Our History


More than a company dedicated to cultivating high-quality medicinal cannabis, we are a human team whose purpose is to cultivate harmony in totally organic processes with the ability to restore the synergy between body, mind and nature.

We are Earth's Healing Colombia and we believe in the power of the best quality medical cannabis, in the strength of organic to make us feel good. We believe that true innovation is putting aside taboos, meeting nature, and living in balance with it.

Where We Are?


We are located in southwestern Colombia, where we have organic crops protected under greenhouses that allow us to take advantage of sunlight 365 days a year, manage an organic substrate specially loaded with specific beneficial nutrients, and control crops in the rainy seasons to achieve this, the vigorous and healthy growth of our plants.

Together with Earth's Healing International, our partners in the United States, we are going to show the world that transformations, when they are real, they really feel.

It is time to grow the future, it is time to heal our essence.


Our Mission


Our commitment is to produce cannabis with the highest quality standards to provide harmony and well-being.